What you will learn with this Book

  • A power companion for on the ground Leadership;
  • Strategic tools to strengthen women mentally and emotionally from the socio-human perspective;
  • Workplace solutions on the value driven by women;
  • 10 step methodology to understand, create and follow personal visions;
  • DIY format with simple illustrations for paving a path to becoming a Leader;
  • Let women embrace the idea of Leadership as their possibility and having fun on the way
As I embarked on the Journey of reading NUCLEUS: Power Women Lead From The Core,I experienced so many conflicting yet exhilarating and positive emotions! Why?
The affirmations, the guidance, the mental toughness leaped off the pages and enveloped me. This book must be digested slowly. The wisdom and pure knowledge is incredible. Abha has not just done a masterful job but she has made some extremely important decrees for women to live for and live by
- Dr. Fay Maureen Butler

Educator, Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Show Host


Abha Maryada Banerjee is India's first woman motivational speaker of international acclaim, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. An expert at Leadership, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, Abha is also the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for Indian Olympic Athletes.

Author of the iconoclast 1st Thought Leadership for women Book called NUCLEUS: Power Women Lead from the Core, Abha has spoken at prestigious events across Asia as a Leadership Speaker. Feeling a need for helping women mentally, emotionally and from the social human perspective, Abha wanted to move beyond gender for purposes of building lives of women. Her quest of how personal leadership can be achieved through self-efficacy brought her to the context of women and leadership. With the undeniable background of gender issues across the World, NUCLEUS will lead women from ordinary to effective and effective to excellent, not as an academic treatise but an experiential one. She has introduced path-breaking concepts, tools and strategies to help women become leaders.

A die-hard expressionist, humanist, humorist, thought leader, experience innovator and quasi mentalist, she found iconoclast connections between ideas from the world of law, universal laws of growth, leadership and personal development. Known as ‘Asian Oprah’ and the ‘Asian Woman Motivator’, she is gifted with the unique ability to get people to take action to reach their fullest potential. Abha is a lawyer by profession, having practiced business and litigation law for over 10 years. Having been exceptionally successful as a lawyer, she set out to re-train herself in the field of human thought development as a commitment to her super powered vision of ‘celebrating human possibilities’. Her passion for people building led to exemplary discoveries and subsequent achievements in the field of people development. As a catalyst between knowledge and real life execution, Abha is gifted at creating practical tools for growth that bridge the gap between theory and practical. In her own words, “I think I must be a growth activist or a growth addict or a growth obsessed humanist – or all of these.”

Described as charismatic, passionate, driven, open dynamic pack of energy and tons of courage, Abha is a strong lady with a lofty mind. Her fight for human equality is testing new dimensions in the social set ups. In her mind, she says is housed a creative side which keeps her creatively engaged in theater, acting, writing, poetry, calligraphy, sketching, food and family. She is the author of the bi-lingual poetry compilation on self-search and motivation called MARYADA ‘In Rendition’.

Recipient of the REX KARMAVEER AWARD, 2014 initiated by the UN and International Confederation of NGO’s, Abha is also recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts for her contribution to the field of personal development and leadership.


Mark Coleman